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Aronia Berry Flavor Oral Mist

Aronia Berry Flavor Oral Mist

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Rapid Immune Boost: Oral Mist 

Unleash the power of swift immune reinforcement with our specially formulated oral mist. A quick spritz delivers a fusion of vital nutrients designed to fortify your body's natural defenses. Enjoy the zesty blend of organic ginger and lemon, complemented by the subtleties of mixed berries and French vanilla.

Key Benefits:

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid Pureway C™): With 21 mg per serving, providing 23% of your daily value, this super antioxidant is crucial for your overall immune health.
Zinc (Zinc Sulfate): Essential for cell function, our oral mist gives you 9% of your daily zinc needs in just one spritz.
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol): Shine bright with 20 mcg (800IU) per serving, fulfilling a whopping 100% of your daily requirement. Vitamin D3 assists in optimal immune function and healthy bones.
Additional Ingredients for Wholesome Wellness: Our blend is enriched with the goodness of sunflower lecithin, a touch of sweetness from Stevia, the aromatic essence of ginger oil, and the unique benefits of beta Caryophyllene.

Product Details:

Serving Size: Just 8 sprays (0.47mL)
Organic and natural flavor medley for a delightful experience
Whether you're kickstarting your morning, heading out for an adventure, or winding down in the evening, give yourself the gift of wellness in a spritz. Trust in the science, taste the nature, and feel the difference with every spray.

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