What is Bioavailability and Why Does It Matter?

In the world of supplements, there’s so much information out there that it can be hard to know where to start. But one thing’s for sure: You want to get what you’re paying for, and not flush your hard-earned money down the drain—literally. And that’s where bioavailability comes in.

So what does bioavailability mean and why does it matter when it comes to choosing a supplement? Well, we’ve got you covered—read on to find out!

What Does Bioavailability Mean?

In the medical and nutrition communities, bioavailability was traditionally defined as how quickly a vitamin, mineral, or other nutrient enters your bloodstream. But the bloodstream is not where this story ends. Just because a nutrient has entered your bloodstream doesn’t mean it’s getting where it needs to go, or is being used efficiently when it gets there.

Fortunately, this definition has evolved to take more into account than just speed. Bioavailability is now recognized as how efficiently your body can absorb and use a particular nutrient.

When your body doesn’t absorb or use a vitamin or nutrient, it’s treated as excess—and most excess vitamins and nutrients are flushed out of your system in your urine. So when you take supplements that aren’t bioavailable, you’re literally flushing them down the toilet.

How to Choose the Best Supplements

When it comes to bioavailability, all vitamins, minerals, and supplements are not created equal.

Supplements that are formulated to have high bioavailability will be more effective, as they’ll help your body absorb more of a nutrient without having to take a higher dose.

So when you’re shopping for supplements, consider these factors that can affect bioavailability:

  • ABSORPTION: Does the supplement use the most absorbable form of the vitamin, mineral, or nutrient? Some nutrient forms are better absorbed than others. (And remember: Just because a supplement has a high dose of a nutrient doesn’t mean your body can absorb and use it all!)
  • DELIVERY METHOD: The delivery method can impact a nutrient’s bioavailability. For example, in some cases, a capsule is better than a tablet.
  • PURITY: Purity is another way of saying how much of the nutrient is actually in your supplement. Some supplements use fillers that can cause digestive issues or be problematic for those with food sensitivities or allergies.

Bioavailable Immunity Supplements

Immune defense is a serious subject (especially during cold and flu season!). So how do you make sure that you’re getting the very best supplements to protect yourself and your family?

Start with a good-quality, U.S.-manufactured product that’s made with bioavailable ingredients. This will give your body the head-start of being able to absorb and retain these nutrients better than other supplements.

Vyral Defense is 100 percent U.S. sourced and made, from the ingredients all the way down to the packaging. And we use patented, clinically proven ingredients that optimize bioavailability and efficacy. Because we know that your family deserves the best.

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